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Meet Bobbi aka The Branding Lady

Over 10 years of combined design & content experience


I have spent years learning about various businesses so that I could bring your vision to the most desirable level possible.  For anyone who is a creative or a visionary, it is hard to explain the whys and hows of all of it but I will do my best to give you an idea.​
From the age of 14 years old, back in the 1990's I worked for my father's computer school and ran street marketing campaigns for new business, to the 2000's where I spent many years creating content and organizing publicity for music industry artists and comedians.  Thereafter I became a promoter in the most eventful city in the nation, Las Vegas.  Then since 2012 I began branding and developing small businesses independently.  Digital refacing is my expertise.  Everything from the concept, the creation, the imagination, and the structure.  I have built businesses from the ground up and assisted in thousands of content pieces for these businesses.  Now because of the demand of my visual imagery and output, I bring to you The Branding Lady, at your service.  Let's reimagine your story.

Let's Enhance your Vision

Atlanta, GA


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